Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shadows of Blue - Gippsland Tarago River Cheese Company

The other night on way home from work I dropped into McCoppins Food & Wine on Queens Parade in Fitzroy North to pick up some cream. Walking past the deli my eyes fell upon the cheese section and I stopped dead in my tracks. The particular cheese that caught my eye was called Shadows of Blue from the Gippsland Tarago River Cheese Company. I was unable to leave without buying some, so at $59kg I bought a small wedge just to try.

It's a mild double cream blue. It's soft, very creamy and after its been out of the fridge for awhile,  it's spreadable. The Roqueforti mould cultures create this texture and a mild but full blue flavour. Good starting point for people new to blue cheese.

Eat with water crackers, wafers or plain crusty bread, anything else would take away from its flavour! Probably one of the most addictive cheeses I have had the pleasure of eating.


  1. Oh, you have found the shadows of blue too! I got some at the Deli a few months ago and ate the whole wedge sanding up in the kitchen(thinking i would only have a quick sample) I went to the Healeville market on Sunday that cheesemaker was there!!! Im like do you know how good your cheese is! LOL I did try all ther...e others and they are to die for, even plain old cheddar! I also got a "trial Bree" that is mature and its insanley good!(and runny!)

  2. Mmmm yum! Im actually bringing some to dins tonight! Think a trip to Gippsland is in order...

  3. This looks very appealing, does it taste as good as it looks? I have never come across in my travels, will have to look a little harder.

  4. It tastes better than it looks! Definitely worth hunting down!