Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rubicon, North Melbourne

If you remember the scene where Carl and Roberta Williams meet for the first time in the original Underbelly, this restaurant is where the filming took place. Despite its claim to fame, and the Melbourne Crime Tours stopping out front, I enjoyed a casual lunch with my girlfriend J, just this Saturday gone.

It was definitely one of those memorable experiences where you sit down for lunch and a few glasses of wine but you end up hanging around for hours, several wines later, and you realise the waitress who has been serving you has long since knocked off.

The way this place this run is the way I would run a restaurant if I had the time and/or patience. Not only was the food lovely, the service fantastic and we left knowing the owner on a first name basis.

It is just your standard wood fired pizza and pasta place with a little bit extra. Not expensive and the decor is warm and inviting, there is also a large bar if you are just keen for a drink or two.

I ordered the Kangaroo Fillet with wilted spinach, mash and a red wine jus. The best thing about Kangaroo is its high in quality protein and low in total fat (less that 2%). How can something that good for you taste so great? The kangaroo was succulent and just about fell apart in your mouth. J ordered the Fettuccine Gamberi, king prawns, fresh tomato, garlic, chilli and olive oil.

To drink I had a glass of the Riverstones Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, slight lemon flavour on the palate, fine little glass of wine.

The service. What to say?! Our waitress was friendly and on the ball. The owner brought over a complementary glass of wine for each of us and hung around for a chat. I love this kind of place where you feel that you can return and always feel that little bit special. That's the way customers should be treated, and the business reaps the rewards when you tell all your friends what a fantastic time you had!
Will definitely be returning, thanks Teddy!
Rubicon Cafe & Bar
50 Errol Street
North Melbourne

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  1. Fantastic review chick!! I loved the place too!

  2. Aren't afternoons like that great? They sound like they have a nice, chilled attitude :D